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Slime Cleaner

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Slime Cleaner

Clean Dust, Crumbs, and Debris from Any Tight Openings!

Our cars and electronic equipment will eventually fill up with dust. You probably don't even remember how it got there, but you sure do want to get rid of it, don't you?

The Slime Cleaner is the most satisfying, easy to use solution for this! It's a non-toxic gel that works effectively to eliminate germs and remove dust and small particles from any narrow openings.

It's extremely convenient to use! Simply lay the cleaning glue on any surface that you want to clean, press it down multiple times, and lift it up. All the crumbs, dust, dirt, and hairs are picked up.


  • REUSABLE & RECYCLABLE: Can be reused without cleaning. Simply put it in a Ziploc bag and seal it after use.
  • VARIETY OF USES: Ideal cleaning solution for keyboards, car vents, camera lenses, calculators, speakers, and much more!
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Made of biodegradable materials that won't leave residue on the items you're cleaning. Non-sticky on the hands with a lemon fragrance.


  • Material: Soft glue
  • Capacity: 60 ml


  • 1 x Slime Cleaner

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