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Multi Purpose Cleaning Powder

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Multi Purpose Cleaning Powder

The easiest and fastest way to clean.

Don't want to spend too much time on hard chore? Use this Multi-Purpose Cleaning Powder to simplify your cleaning routine.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Powder can effectively dissolve dirt and grimes in the water. Just a simple wipe, you won't suffer from greasy items anymore. It also deodorises bad odours and helps metal items to restore their shine. With this new cleaning aid, you won't need a chemical cream cleaner. This also ensures your items will not be damaged by the chemicals.


  • Remove Dirt and Grime:
    Effectively helps dirt and grease to dissolve in water.
  • De-grease:
    Just wipe. All the grease will get out of your item.
  • Deodorising:
    Neutralises both basics and acidic odours.
  • Replace Cream Cleaner:
    No harsh chemical smell and better for the environment.
  • Polishing:
    Tarnish disappears immediately and leaves a shiny finish.
  • Gentle Nature:
    Instant result without damaging the surface of the item. No more hard chore.


    • 1x Multi-Purpose Cleaning Powder

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