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Magic Sneaker Cleaner

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Magic Sneaker Cleaner

Are your white shoes no more white as before? Magic White Shoes Cleaner can effectively whiten your grimy and spotted white shoes. With natural waxes, it is creamy that polishes your shoes and leather items by giving them a shine without hard rubbing.

Now apply the cleaner on dirty area to have your brand new shoes! Save your pocket as there is no more re-purchasing of white shoes because of non-removable dirt.


  • Effectively whitens and removes yellowed portions
  • Can repair minor damage and scratches
  • Easy application: Simply shake and brush dirty area
  • Widely used: Can be used on leather, mesh, PU, canvas surfaces


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth
  3. Place the brush on the yellowed/dirty part of the shoe and swab back and forth
  4. After drying (can be dried with a hairdryer), shoe will be white like when it was new. For a more whitening effect, thoroughly dry the shoe, then coat a second time
  5. Clean the brush head after use


  • Material: Natural Waxes
  • Capacity: 100ml


    • 1 x White Shoes Cleaner

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