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Invisible Collagen Face Masks

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Invisible Collagen Face Masks

The world first Invisible Collagen Mask utilizing Far Infrared Ray Technology to infuse ultra-fine revitalizing nano particles to your pores for complete absorption. Lifting, Tightening, & Wrinkling Removal abilities in ONE mask of truly remarkable & fast skin improvement.

With 90% far infrared rays, it promotes red blood cells & oxygen to enhance the blood circulation, activates the underlying cells to regenerate, and carries 4 functions of instant facial lifting, brightening, deep water retention and anti-aging.


  • Invisible, form-less mask that brings result in SECONDS
  • Ultra-fine nano particles soak in for deep & full hydration
  • Instantly fills & plumps wrinkles with soluble collagen
  • Improves micro circulation for radiant skin
  • Tightens & lifts sagging, dull & aged skin
  • Hypoallergenic, sensitive skin safe


  1. Apply the invisible mask on face
  2. Spray water evenly
  3. The dissolved Nano Mask will turn invisible and soak in
  4. Rinse after 10 minutes


  • 3pcs x Invisible Collagen Mask

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