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Instant Spots Removal Pen

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Instant Spots Removal Pen

Painless Way To Remove All Spots & Moles instantly!

Now you can remove most skin growths at home without the expensive dermatology bills with our reusable spot remover. Instant Spots Removal Pen offers an affordable clinic grade treatment to restore your youthful & flawless skin!

With the high frequency and low temperature, the advanced plasma technology breaks down dark spots and disperses melanin into fine particles to flatten off moles & spots safely and without any traces, facilitating quick skin healing & regeneration.

The specially designed tip emits a tiny electrical arc to the skin without actually touching it so no bleeding, burning, or any other side effects will be experienced. It comes with 3 adjustment levels for easy & quick spot removal of different spot sizes.


  • Instantly Effective Removes the unflattering spots and moles instantly.
  • Dermatologically safe – FDA Approved Plasma Technology with no blood, pain, & other side effects.
  • Effortlessly Professional You can do it at home anytime easily and effectively.
  • Leaves no traces – No unwanted scars will be left behind.
  • Widely Applicable Perfect for spots, moles, skin tags, etc.


  • Switch on the pen and point to the designated spot
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Use a cotton swab to wipe it off
  • Done!


    • Material: Metal
    • Size: 18 x 3.5 cm
    • Function 1: Spot/mole/tattoo/wart Remover
    • Function 2: Freckle Removal Machine
    • Function 3: Tattoo Removal
    • Function 4: Spot Removal Tool
    • Function 5: Wart Removal Device
    • Function 6: Mole Removal


    • 1x Spot/Mole/Tattoo/Wart Removal Machine
    • 1x USB cable
    • 5x Needle
    • 1x Manual

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