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5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver

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5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver


Get that powerful bald look without messing with shaving cream or constantly buying expensive replacement razor cartridges. You'll also never have to deal with razor burn or risk of slicing your scalp ever again.

Shaving your head doesn't have to take up your entire morning.

Tired of choosing between being late for work or getting a decent shave? This Head Shaver lets you do it in just 60 seconds. Experience a close and safe shave thanks to our precision razor heads.

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Designed For Maximum Comfort.

Our 5 stainless steel razor heads will flex and contour to the shape of your skull or face. The ergonomic design makes it so intuitive to use you that won't even need a mirror.


Tired of The Morning Mess?

The head shaver has an inner storage compartment for shaved hair. After your done shaving, just empty the collected hair into a trash can. No more cleaning up shaving cream every morning.

Waterproof And Cordless Letting You Shave While You Shower.

Get A Complete Men's Grooming Kit For The Price of 1 Head Shaver.


  • Scalp Polishing & Exfoliation Brush

  • Nose Hair Trimmer.

  • Facial Massage Brush.

  • Pop-up Detailed Beard Trimmer.

  • Hair Clipper With 3 Guards.

Stop Paying Monthly For New Expensive Razor Cartridges.

The cost of cartridge razor blades is only going up with time, but their quality stays the same. Our Head Shaver uses self-sharpening razor heads that are built to last, unlike flimsy razors.


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