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Nailthy™ Fungus Nail Repair Gel

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Nailthy™ Fungus Nail Repair Gel
Restore your nail’s beauty and keep them healthy!

Stop taking oral antifungal drugs and start using the Nailthy™ Fungus Nail Repair Gel in killing fungus.

The Nailthy™ Fungus Nail Repair Gel is formulated to change skin’s PH level to create discomfort to the fungal infection and give you a quick nail recovery. This repair gel results in healthier nails and nail beds and restores discolourations. A 100% natural formulation which is safe and gentle to you and your health, unlike oral antifungal drugs.


  • Quick Nail Recovery:
    A week of treatment will already show improvements and complete recovery in 3-4 weeks.
  • Changes Skin’s PH Level:
    PH skin levels are raised to 8.5-9.5 which generates discomfort for the fungal infection which makes it diminish in size as the nail grows.
  • Healthier Nails & Nail Beds:
    Prevents potential fungus infection and keeps your nails in a healthier condition.
  • Restores Discolorations:
    Repair gel reduces nail thickening and restores the discolouration caused by the nail fungus.
  • Safe & Gentle:
    Gel formulation is directly applied to the damaged nails so no oral intake of possible dangerous drugs is needed.
  • 100% Natural Formulation:
    The 100% natural formulation is clinically proven to restore nails affected by fungus.


  • Ingredients: Propylene glycol, glycerin, triethanolamine
  • Net Content: 15mL


  • 1x Nailthy™ Fungus Nail Repair Gel

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